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Swimming Lesson spaces available for all ages :)

Spaces Available 

Updated 10.04.2021


3 - 12 months baby class

Monday at Aylsham 11.45am 2 spaces

Thursday at Trimingham 10.20am 1 space


12 - 24 months old toddler class

Thursday at Trimingham 9.20am 1 space


2 - 2.5 years adult and child class

Saturday at Aylsham 12.15 2 spaces


3-4yrs adult and child class

Friday at Trimingham 9.20am 1 space

Friday at Trimingham 9.50am 1 space


After School lessons 4yrs+ (school age) Beginners

Thursday at Trimingham 4.15pm 1 space


Private Lesson 1:1 or 1:2

Thursday at Trimingham 3.45pm


If the spaces above are no good please email Laura at laura.evans@puddlesswimming.co.uk and your child can be put on a waiting list or a new class may be able to get added if enough interest. Thank you.








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